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Black Silicon

Structured Silicon

There are miscellaneous efforts to reduce reflection of silicon wafers for a higher rate of absorption. These purposes can be achieved with surface structuring.

With an optimized film thickness and an appropriate surface geometry, we have managed to reduce the hemispherical reflectance of the device to below 7% in a broad spectral range. The comparison of the current-voltage characteristic of a nanostructured and an unstructured SIS device demonstrates the short circuit enhancement as a reason of improved light trapping and antireflection behavior. Up to now, the voltage cannot reach acceptable values for highly efficient solar cells. Hence, the goal of the current research is the further improvement of the electrical properties, especially an increase of the open-circuit voltage.

With regard to evanescent reflection of the boundary layer and its black appearance, this type of structured silicon is also called as "Black Silicon".



Production via ICP etching process

To achieve a nanostructured surface we use inductively coupled plasma (ICP) etching processes. The gas mixture during the process leads to high transparency and a specific resistivity.


Schematic drawing of the ICP etching process

Schematic drawing of the ICP etching process

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